Monday, May 10, 2010

Breast cancer in men

Does breast cancer occur in men also? The question may seem weird- but yes, it can and does occur in men also. In fact statistics show that almost 1 per cent of all new breast cancer cases involve the male breast. The reason is that the male breast also contains breast parenchyma, although in a small amount.
However the real danger lies in the fact that breast cancer in men is pretty lethal, the tumor being generally more aggressive (highly malignant) with rapid spread to other organs of the body (called metastasis in the medical world).
Reference: Male breast cancer

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vitamin D- there's more to it than rickets:

There is more to vitamin D than rickets and osteoporosis. I had been found to have extremely low blood vitamin D levels. Ever since, I have talked to a lot many docs, endocrinologists, naturopaths, general physicians and done quite a bit of research on this topic.
The results of this quest for the true story of this wonder vitamin have left me stunned. Modern medical thinking (mainstream medicine) now says that vitamin D has a spectrum of positive effects on the human body from bone health (we already know that), cell membrane integrity, autoimmune diseases, flu, heart disease, liver disorders, and more. In fact, diseases like diabetes are also strongly linked to vitamin D deficiency. One leading authority (in Cochin) on the subject went so far as to say that deficiency of this vitamin (cholecalciferol-D3) can be linked to almost 80 % of known human diseases, pathology. These 2 you tube videos spells out just that. Many modern medical experts now believe that even most forms of cancer from breast, prostate and the colon can be prevented (to a large extent) by a daily dose of this vitamin. See this short video by John Cannell, MD.
(Also see this link for some basics of Vitamin D metabolism: )
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Monday, February 08, 2010

Pancreatic cancer linked to drinking soda

A new study shows that there may be a risk between drinking sodas and cancer of the pancreas.
See this link:
The study states that the incidence of pancreatic cancer went up nearly twice on consumption of as less as 2 bottles of soda or soft drinks per week. The study states the possible reason for this could be the sugar content in soft drinks.
Makes me wonder- where will all this end...the next research could well end up saying that sugar in any form is bad for health.